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Project Details

Dissemination and Exploitation

The main purpose of dissemination and exploitation is to secure that project results are disseminated to all parties which may have a scientific, technical or commercial interest in them, and that exploitable results are adopted and implemented by existing and potential users – first of all, of course by the industry beneficiaries themselves. In this way, CompoLight will contribute to the development of new RM technologies and the augmenting of existing ones by making generally available experiences gained in the project.

Exploitation policy:
The project will generate new knowledge, which is immediately implemented by the consortium members, giving them a competitive advantage, which they will exploit right ahead in their day-to-day commercial activities. The External Industry Interest Groups make up an important target group for exploitation. Many vendors of RM technology, and developers of simulation software and materials participate in these groups, and they are invited to implement the results from CompoLight in their standard product, according to agreement with IPR owners in the consortium.