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Project Details

Data handling

The objective of this WP is to develop new concepts and software tools to improve the design and handling of complex parts with different types of internal structures (e.g. channels/holes, honeycombs, pores). The design of internal structures with present CAD systems is very complicated and time-consuming especially for complex parts with small structure sizes. The ability to manipulate the interior part volume adds a completely new dimension to design systems, which results in very large and often not manageable file sizes.

Separate software modules for the generation of input to the RM systems will be developed according to the product definitions of WP1 (see picture, MB Proto).

  • Efficient techniques and interfaces for an improved data handling of structured parts allowing to process and prepare very large CAD files.
  • Software for the automated design and generation of complex lightweight structures with a structure size < 100.
  • Automated design and handling of internal structures for porous parts.

For parts requiring internal structures, analyses by project beneficiaries indicate that time for generating the necessary data for the RM machine will be reduced by more than 75 % in average. For complicated parts this could mean from 5 days to one.