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Project Details

Product definition and design
The main objective of this WP is to develop a set of design rules, serving multiple purposes. One purpose is to analyse a metal part or a technological problem with a view to assess whether it is suited for Rapid Manufacturing, and – in case of yes – what process should be selected and what process parameters are most likely to provide with a good result. A second purpose is to provide the product designer with a tool, which he/she can use to adjust the geometry and the selection of material and other properties of his/her design to fit – as far as possible – to the special opportunities and limitations of RM. The output of this Work Package is a set of guidelines, supported by software to optimise the processing of a metal part by RM and ensure that the part is produced in a way that it fulfils the requirements of the customer. Theses guidelines must assist in the selection of the best possible RM solution as well as optimal process parameters for the process selected. Special attention will be given to information to the RM operator about support structures and other practicalities.